Osu! The Ouendan – Ultimate Motivation, Collaboration and Advocacy

Motivated students are key to the success of any language program. Using the concept of diffusion network (Change Agents/Opinion Leaders) in Diffusion of Innovations (Roger, 1994), this presentation exploits the notion of Ouendan (Japanese style of cheering squad for sports) to promote language learning and advocacy for the language. The presenters compare traditions and performances of cheering squads around world with those in Japan, share several Ouendan projects they developed using the PBL model, and describe how these projects integrate and interconnect themes (Contemporary Life, Beauty and Aesthetics). This presentation recognizes the importance of the learning community, and illustrates how students (Pre-AP, AP, College) team up with other students in art and music, creating meaningful cheering messages in Japanese, and performing collaboratively at campus, local, and global events. This session shares a variety of hands-on activities that motivate student learning and are usable in class (e.g., making Ouendan costumes, voicing practice, etc.). This session will be beneficial to all levels.


増山応援団ビデオ(2007) by Sacramento State Students. This work inspired Mieko sensei to do her Oendan Project.

応援団の説明(個人を救済する応援団) 第1話 押忍!戦え!諦めるな!きんたろうの逆転  第2話 押忍!戦え!諦めるな!きんたろうの告白

パルメット高校生の応援団ビデオ (2014), which inspired Japanese language teachers at the ACTFL.

手作りの 「dollar はっぴ」と「はりせん」(作り方は下記に書いてあります)

日本語先生応援団エール「ふれ〜 ふれ〜 わたし! ふれ ふれ わたし!」

ACTFL Conference (San Antonio, November 22, 2014) - Hope this inspires all Japanese language teachers!

Presentation Material

DAY 1 Introductory activity

After students watch the video of Japanese and American cheerleading, discussion on its purpose, and comparing two different styles using Venn diagram

Introduction Activity   AP





a. 男の人ですか。女の人ですか。

b. どんな服(ふく)を着ていますか。

c. 何を持っていますか。


a. どんな音楽ですか。

b. 大きい声で応援していますか。

6. 日本の応援について2分間発表してください。

Introduction Activity 日本語3

a. 男の人ですか。女の人ですか。
b. どんな服(ふく)を着ていますか。
c. 何を持っていますか。
a. どんな音楽ですか。
b. 大きい声で応援していますか。

DAY 2 Talk about project

マイアミパルメット高校の日本語のクラスの生徒はとても元気で、ポジティブですから、応援大使(ambassador) になりました。(みなさんはグループになって、どんな応援団にするか決めてください。誰を助けるか、どうして助けるか)応援がっせんをして、一位になったら、一位のグループのビデオは鹿児島の姉妹校に送ります。そして、おいしい日本の食べ物がもらえます。

You are chosen to be a cheer-up ambassador because the Japanese AP & 3 class at Miami Palmetto Senior High students always have positive mood. It will be a cheering contest. If you win, your performance video will be sent to our sister school, and your group will have special Japanese delicious treat as a prize.
Your group will perform cheerleading.
Your group will collaborate with art class(making banner) and band class(performing percussion)
Your performance should be longer than 1 minute but shorter than 3 minutes.
You need to use harisen.
You will cheer specific group or person.
You will critique your classmate’s group performances.
You also write your reflection about your performance.(minimum 350 words, type written)

Extended activity: Perform for the Kagoshima students. Exchange opinions on Japanese sports and cheerleading performances.

Performance rubric


You Made it!

Getting there
Need more effort
Task Achievement
x 3
5 tasks completed with elaboration
5 tasks completed
3-4 tasks completed
2 or less tasks completed
Vocabulary x 2
Very little lacks needed words; virtually accurate usage,
Occasionally lacks needed words; generally accurate usage,
Often lacks needed words;
Fairly Insufficient, inaccurate usage
Lacks needed words; insufficient,
inaccurate usage.
Fluency x 1
No hesitation with confident
Hesitant but few
Hesitant occasionally
Hesitant throughout
x 1.5
Understood without difficulty
Mostly understood with slight difficulty
Hard to be understood
Not to be understood at all
x 2
Excellent use of tools, music match to the message very well, Very audible.
Proper use of tools, music match to the message well, adequately audible.
Little use of tools, music match to the message somewhat, little audible.
No use of tools. No music match to the message, Inaudible

DAY 3 Introduce vocabulary

DAY 4 Grammar Activity

Japanese 3-Adventure in Japanese 2 workbook page 131-132

AP- Adventure in Japanese 4 workbook page 47

DAY 5&6 Read and watch NHK Koukou kouza

DAY 7 Loud voice contest


1.NHKの高校講座を思い出して、大きい声で 「みんなで 応援がんばろう。」と言う練習をする。



DAY 8 Reading Activity

Day 9 Making of the harisen and happi coat

How to make happy coat (Uploaded Jan. 2015)

Happi making instruction 1 .jpeg

Happi making instruction 2 .jpeg
Happi instruction 01

Happi Instruction 02

DAY 10 Debate

DAY 11 & 12 Final Performance & Reflection

Final presentation will be digitized, and student will critique
Students write reflections