Above And Beyond - 21st Century Skills
For more information, explore the site http://p21.org
ACTFL also encourages us to incorporate the 21st century skills. Explore ACTFL World Languages 21st Century Skills Map http://www.p21.org/storage/documents/Skills%20Map/p21_worldlanguagesmap.pdf

Also check https://actfl21stcenturyskillsmap.wikispaces.com/

We will provide students with opportunities to nurture the 21st century skills. How?The solution is PBL (Project-Based Learning).

Project-based Learning

  1. Teaches Significant Content
  2. 21st Century Skills
  3. A driving question
  4. In-Depth Inquiry
  5. A need to know
  6. Student voice and choice
  7. Revision and Reflection
  8. A Publicly presented product

Explore http://pbl-wl.wikispaces.com/home

Go to http://pbl-wl.wikispaces.com/PBL+Essentials